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Parent Seminars

Rationale and Objectives of Parent Seminars
RationaleWe believe there is no end to learning for parents, which is why we have organised a series of parent seminars for parents to acquire parenting skills. Moreover, we value home-school cooperation and strive to communicate closely and partner with parents to nurture our children.
ObjectivesWe organise courses and activities on parent education regularly to provide parents information on the development and changes in the education system, to help parents nurture and discipline their children effectively, to help parents understand the popular culture and challenges of this generation, and to encourage communication betweeen parents and their child.

Apart from parent seminars, we also hold other parent education activities from time to time (including talks, workshops and group sharings). Please refer to school notices for further information. 


Moreover, we have organized an event called, "Converse with Principal Lee" for parents to learn more about the school and express their care and views towards the school. Please refer to further notices for the details of the event.