School Affairs Committee

  1. To coordinate and manage various departments of the school to ensure smooth daily operations.
  2. To train non-teaching staff and grow an efficient team for developing school affairs.
  3. To build a systematic filing system to facilitate the school's operation.
Team Leaders

Ms Murine Leung Pui Man, Ms Florence Chan Lai Yee, Mr Joseph Lam

Associate Team Leaders

Mr Leung Wai Sum, Ms Lee Lok Lam, Ms Chan Cheuk Yee

Team Members

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Yeung Oi King

Administrative Secretary

Ms. Lee Mei Fung

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Ho Kum Yuen

Clerical Assistant

Ms. Tam Ho Yee

School Clerk

Ms. Hui Yik Lam

Ms.Tam Mei Ling

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Kwok Hoi Ying
Supporting Staff

All janitors


Analysis of Current Situation
Strengths: 1. The school's organisational structure is clear, and the responsibilities and relations between each committee are clear, which is beneficial to the school's development.
2. The school has collected opinions from different stakeholders and has explained to them its future directions through various communication means.
3. The school has a clear decision-making process. All colleagues can participate in the decision-making through multiple channels. There are sufficient communication means for all staff to jointly formulate school policies.
4. The school has established a mechanism to handle crises and emergencies, and offers clear procedures and guidelines to ensure effective and timely handling and follow-up of emergencies.
5. The leadership communicates with teaching staff effectively, thus can support staff members efficiently, take lead, and monitor work progress effectively.
6. All teachers have received professional training, and continue to attend professional development programmes to raise their professional roles and functions.
7. The school has set clear evaluation targets, and has established a comprehensible evaluation mechanism and staff performance appraisal system.
8. The school continues to develop and utilise community resources to drive the development of school affairs.
9. The newly appointed principal has rich experience in school administration and management, which helps to lead teaching staff in building up the school's unique culture, optimising the current school structure and supporting the work of the staff, to boost team spirit within the school.
10. The counseling program for newly recruited teachers helps new staff adapt to school life as soon as possible.
11. The school organises activities that enhance parent-school communication, for instance, Parents' Weekend, Parents' Day and Parent meetings, etc.
Areas that require improvement: 1. The school shall work towards establishing a school culture of courtesy.
2. The school shall provide first aid training for staff to ensure they can handle injuries in case of accidents.
3. The school needs to formulate systematic operational guidelines for various school affairs to ensure their smooth operation on a regular basis.
4. The school needs to organise a course in "planning timetables" for teachers to help them acquire skills in devising school timetables.
5. After returning from secondment to the Education Bureau this year, the vice principal needs to adapt to and understand the new school policies, to assist the principal in handling school affairs and managing the work of non-teaching staff.
Targets/ Major Concerns of the Year
Targets/Major Concerns
1 Formulating school policies to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles.
2 Establishing an efficient monitoring mechanism for repair, maintenance and follow-up work to provide adequate safety facilities and create an optimal environment for learning and teaching.
3 Encouraging parents to participate in and assist in the implementation of the school's health policies and plans through various communicating means and e-platforms.