"Student Talent Pool" Scheme

This school year, the "Student Talent Pool" Scheme was extended to Primary 2 to 6 to identify high-ability/gifted students in the school, allowing the school to systematically arrange appropriate courses for students according to their learning needs.

Selection Criteria
  1. Top 1-10 students who excelled in the school's Chinese, English, Mathematics, and General Education examinations (Reference will be made to the final examination results of the previous academic year)
  2. Students with special talents, who have won awards in international, national or local competitions
  3. Students who score 130 or above in psychometric tests (such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children)
  4. Students who demonstrate a high degree of creativity in class/extracurricular activities
  5. Students who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills in class/extracurricular activities
Selection Means
  1. Excellent academic performance
  2. Special talents
  3. Superior intelligence
  4. Teacher recommendation
  5. Self-Recommendation
Selection Tools
  1. Teacher Recommendation Form
  2. Leadership characteristics of gifted students evaluation form
  3. Psychometric test (provided by registered psychologist)
  4. Performance assessment questions, Performance assessment teacher evaluation form
  5. Student Self-Recommendation Form