Message from the principal (Feb and March)2022

Dear parents of APSW,

May the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always!

As we enter the year of Tiger, I would like to wish you and your family good health, peace and the Lord’s abundant blessings on behalf of APSW. The holiday atmosphere of this Lunar New Year had been completely different compared to the past because of the pandemic. Most of us had to send blessings to our relatives through the internet instead of visiting them, which is disheartening.   Under the gloominess of the pandemic, nothing is inevitable, I hope children can understand how important it is to love on time- love the people around us such as our family and friends, love blessing on others and love the opportunity we have to learn. I hope children can also feel the love and dedication of others in these hard times and respond in the same way. We should always be grateful for what we have and what we can do.  

Under the threat of the epidemic, parents and children will experience inevitable pressure. It is really important to relax yourself from time to time. You have more time to stay home with your children due to the pandemic, it would be a good idea to watch cartoons with your children at home, immerse yourselves into the world of children, share your favourite cartoon characters with each other, discuss how they cope with difficulties and adversities positively, what are their character strengths that’s worth learning and learn from them, through that enrich positive values in your children. 

Stepping into January, the epidemic has aggravated again. Starting from January 14th, we had to begin “online classes” once again. Fortunately, our teachers and parents have already had the experience of taking up online classes from the past. We would like to thank all parents for their cooperation in preparing sufficient electronic devices and guidance for the children, enable them to learn online smoothly.  Yet face-to-face classes and the social development among children can’t be replaced by online learning, so let’s hope the epidemic will soon subside, we hope to see you again on campus!

Before Lunar New Year, we have distributed the second learning assessment syllabus to students. We certainly understand that both parents and children are facing immense challenges and pressure during the pandemic. Nevertheless, how we conduct Second Summative Assessment under the threat of Covid-19 will need to be further discussed, in accordance with the latest pandemic situation and when the Education Bureau announce for the resumption of face-to-face classes. We also take into consideration of the learning needs of students of different grades, to make corresponding adjustments and arrangements for the Second Summative Assessment to ensure students’ needs are well taken care of. However, if face-to-face classes can’t be resumed by late February or early March (The original dates set for it), we will try to shorten the adaptation period after the resumption of face-to-face classes, as to carry out Second Summative Assessment as soon as possible. Yet the final decision of whether we will conduct or cancel Second Summative Assessment will need to be further negotiated, we will make relevant announcement from time to time in accordance with the latest pandemic situation and the announcement by the Education Bureau then. 

Moreover, in compliance with the latest government regulations on epidemic prevention, all schools in Hong Kong will implement the “Vaccine Pass” scheme from February 24th, this arrangement is required by the authorities to be implemented in every schools. We fully understand that it may cause inconvenience to parents and visitors, or there will be several areas which requires further improvement and tolerance during the early stage of implementation. We will need your cooperation to run this implementation smoothly under the epidemic prevention and legal requirement guidelines to fight against the pandemic. 

In the past two years, face-to-face classes and the mode of learning is inevitably affected by the epidemic. Due to the epidemic of Covid-19, we have made numerous of decisions. Upon every decision-making, we have been asking ourselves: “Should we or should we not?” Why should we or Why shouldn’t we do it?” These “whys” are very important to our policy-making. We are truly thankful to the members of the IMC, chairperson of the PTA, parent committee members and all parents for their support, assistance, advice and encouragement, it had enabled us to understand parents’ concern and children’s needs better. 

We are grateful for the opportunity we had to work together and strive for the wellbeing of our children during this difficult time.  May we continue to work together and conquer the challenges throughout this difficult year under the pandemic! 

May I wish everyone good health, not just the body but your mind, spirit and for families to be filled with joy and happiness. Hoping the epidemic will be over soon, we can see you again on campus!

Mr. Lee Tak Hang

School Principal