Message from the principal - September 2023

  May the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus be with you always!

  At the beginning of the new school year, on behalf of all the teaching staff, I warmly welcome everyone back to campus. I would also like to extend my sincere greetings to the parents and children of the P.1 and transfer students who have joined the APSW family. We have just passed the summer vacation after the "return to normality " and I believe it was enjoyable and restful for everyone. I hope that both teachers and students return to campus full of energy and enthusiasm to start the new school year.

  As parents, there will be a lot of school information to receive in the new school year. There will also be different concerns and areas where children need to adapt. However, APSW is closely connected with parents. We will walk together with you and share the experience of our children's growth. We hope that children can have a happy and meaningful six-year primary school life at APSW. Therefore, in this fully resumed school year, APSW has carefully arranged a new full-day timetable for the children, in accordance with the latest curriculum recommendations from the Education Bureau. It includes allocating 100 minutes of break time each day for children to have enough rest, interact with each other, play, and have more opportunities to socialize. There is also flexibility in the schedule, such as offering tutorial classes after lunch so that children can ask teachers questions about difficult subjects before going home. We will also enhance exploration in the STREAM field, reforming General Studies and Computer Studies into "General Studies and Technology". In the afternoon, there will be weekly meetings, life growth lessons, Integrated Use of Language in Chinese and English (IULC and IULE) classes, General Studies and Technology lessons as well as multiple intelligence lessons, in order to arrange cross-curricular reading and provide space for children to respond to their learning needs and challenges. This will also help promote various joint activities to broaden children's horizons and cultivate their diverse abilities.

  During the summer vacation, the campus has undergone a series of improvement projects and new constructions to meet learning needs and development. It now awaits the return of the children with a refreshed "appearance." This includes repainting the school's exterior walls with the main colors of "APSW," adding a new touch of color to the entire campus. Additionally, we have installed glass door partitions and air conditioning systems in the underground playground, transforming it into a multi-purpose hall (H.C. Chan Complex) for all-weather use. This provides a comfortable environment for children to engage in physical activities and serves as a lunch venue for different levels students during the noon break. Furthermore, we have also resurfaced the basketball and volleyball courts to provide a safer environment for sports activities. Other improvement projects include replacing the student lockers in Primary 2 classrooms with new-style ones and installing large interactive smart board in all classrooms and special rooms throughout the school. This aims to increase student engagement in the classroom, promote better interaction, and prepare children for the rapidly changing digital future.

  All of our teaching staff firmly believe that education is a heartfelt mission. Through holistic education, we aim to unleash children's potential, facilitate comprehensive physical and mental development, and enable them to face various environments and challenges, take responsibility, learn humility, and engage in service education. We encourage them to interact with different communities, learn to get along with others, and share. Teachers and students depend on our Heavenly Father and face any difficulties with a positive attitude. We hope that this year, children will have different experiences in their learning, learn to learn, and always walk with our God for their healthy growth!

  I wish you all good physical, mental, and spiritual health, and abundant learning achievements in the new school year!