Information Technology Committee - Introduction


1.1 To bring about a paradigm shift through IT - from a textbook-bound and teacher-centred approach to an interactive and learner-centred approach, encouraging self-regulated learning and achieving the goals of twisting the teaching mode, helping students develop their potential, and promoting gifted education. Through creating a quality e-learning atmosphere, we hope students can acquire a sense of achievement.

1.2 To enhance students' interest in learning through the use of new electronic technology, creating a creative and efficient environment for teaching and learning, and training students to master the IT skills needed in the 21st Century; to implement the ‘One Laptop’ Programme to enhance students' skills in communication, creativity and information processing, and to raise teachers' teaching efficiency.

1.3 To strengthen the application of information technology to the school's administrative work, allowing teachers to focus on teaching, enhancing teaching efficiency, improving the quality of school-based management, and optimising the administrative management platform.

1.4 To cooperate with various subject teams to create a school that cultivates gentleness, inquisitiveness, application-based learning and determination for success, meeting challenges and entering a new milestone.

1.5 To help students acquire skills to use IT facilities correctly and cultivate in them a respect for intellectual property rights through various IT learning activities, establishing a quality e-learning environment.

1.6 To build up a positive image of the school as an advocate of quality IT education, and to display - through the school's webpage, press releases and other media platforms - the school's all-round development and achievements in the IT area, under the lead of Christ.

1.7 To improve the functions of the Campus TV to provide interactive information on current affairs, moral education and spiritual well-being; to adopt distance learning to interact with other schools, enhancing students' learning interests and teachers' teaching efficiency.

1.9 To review the comprehensive development of the school, make recommendations regarding the school's future direction, and suggest measures for improvement for the school's continuous self-improvement.


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