Student Support Team - Introduction

  1. To help students achieve whole-person development and life-long learning by providing comprehensive and extensive learning enhancement services for students with diverse educational needs.
  2. To establish an accommodating learning environment through the adoption of a whole school approach and the promotion of home-school co-operation, instilling in students an awareness of individual differences and a positive attitude towards their peers with special needs. Guiding them to build collaborative and interactive peer relationships based on mutual understanding and support.
  3. To provide professional training for teachers to better understand students special needs and learning characteristics. To acquire teaching and guidance skills in helping these students to integrate into the school life for pleasurable and effective learning.
  4. To communicate more frequently with parents to enhance their understanding and acceptance of students with special educational needs, and to raise their understanding of the school's policy on promoting integrated education
Member List

Ms. Liu Pui Shan (PSM)

Ms. Lo Pui Ting 

組 員

Ms. Ngai Cho Mei (APSM)

Ms. Cheung Pui Chi 

Ms. Lee Wai Man

Ms. Li Ka Yi 

Ms. Chan Tin Sum 

Ms. Ling Nga See 

(speech therapist)

Ms. Lam Pui Sze 

(educational psychologist)