IT Ambassador Scheme

Work and Mission of IT Ambassadors

The mission of IT Ambassadors is to improve students' IT skills and to serve the community using IT skills. The IT Ambassador Scheme aims to train students into responsible IT leaders. Students of Primary 4 to Primary 6 interested in information technology are encouraged to join the team.

Code of Practice for IT Ambassadors
  1. IT Ambassadors are required to attend regular IT leadership training to acquire IT knowledge, and to develop positive service attitudes.
  2. IT Ambassadors must not be late, absent or leave early without reasonable cause, and must arrive the Digital Learning Centre on time for their duty. The Head IT Ambassador will inspect the work of the ambassadors during recess. 
  3. If an ambassador needs to take leave, he or she should inform the teacher in charge and the Head IT Ambassador one day in advance. If he or she is absent three times with no reasonable cause, he or she will be terminated from the role.
  4. If any computer facilities are found to be worn, unresponsive or damaged, the ambassador on duty should report to the teacher in charge immediately.
  5. IT Ambassadors should lead by example, maintaining the tidiness of the Digital Learning Centre and assisting teachers in ensuring the centre's smooth operation.