Message from the principal - September 2022

Dear parents of APSW,


      May the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always!

First, I would like to welcome you all on behalf of our teachers, for returning to our campus in this new school year, as well as our new P.1 and transfer students to join the APSW family. I am really looking forward to sharing with you all in our school letter and meeting you all in person on campus.  

As parents, there must be a lot of information for you to take in, you must also have plenty of concerns on how your children is adapting in this new school year but since we work closely with our parents, I hope children will have happy and meaningful learning experiences throughout the 6 years of their primary school life.

 This year is our “25th Silver Jubilee School Anniversary”, so we held our “25th School Anniversary Opening Ceremony” on the 17th September, we were very honoured to invite Mr. Wong Kam Po, a cyclist who represented Hong Kong in the Summer Olympics for 5 times, as our officiating guest of the “Opening Ceremony” and the sharing guest of the “Parents’ Seminar”. In response to the theme of our school’s annual development plan, “Cultivate Innovative Creativity and problem-solving abilities, Serve the Community, Step towards our 25th Anniversary.”

Besides, we experienced a very short summer break, all our teachers have already returned to school in mid-August, attended all the required meetings and prepared for the new semester. We also carried out various renovations and constructions in accordance with students’ learning needs, includes the replacement of new students’ lockers and the installation of automatic faucets in all P.1 classrooms. These automatic faucets are also installed in the washrooms on the 1st, 4th and 6th floor. Furthermore, a large-scale LED screen is installed in the hall on the 1st floor. All of these renovations are conducted to provide an ideal learning environment for our students and for them to have a blissful school life.

On the other hand, students are still required to take “Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)” daily before coming to school in accordance with the epidemic prevention guidelines from the Centre for Health Protection and the Education Bureau, parents will need to fill in and sign the relevant record form after your children have taken the “RAT” test, please ensure your children bring it back to school for inspection. Since the epidemic situation has aggravated again, I believe that the authorities will persist in carrying on the current epidemic prevention guidelines of taking daily “RAT” test for a while.

Therefore, in order to simplify the school inspection process, we will make announcements regarding how to report your children “RAT” test results through E-class Parent App in mid- September.

In addition, the epidemic prevention guidelines given to schools by the Centre for Health Protection suggested we should avoid any activities such as lunch break or snack time which require children to take off their masks to minimize the risk. Thus, considering the necessity children will need to eat and drink in school, we strongly encourage parents to prepare a face shield or a foldable divider for your children to bring back to school and use it during recess. Please clean and disinfectant it daily. The school has also drawn up some suggestions regarding the tips on epidemic prevention, please read through it carefully. Furthermore, we will teach our students the appropriate way to eat and drink in recess, together with other relevant precautions that they need to bear in mind during the first week of school.

At the start of this new school year, our mood is inevitably affected by the epidemic and the diverse modes of schooling. Yet by relying on God and us working together, we are able to conquer any challenges and difficulties ahead. We hope children can learn to share, cooperate and get along with others through Service Education, experience the happiness and successfulness through service learning, always walk along with our heavenly Father and make the best out of themselves.

May I wish everyone good health, not just the body but your mind, spirit and for families to be filled with joy and happiness, hoping our children will have a fruitful school year!


Mr. Lee Tak Hang

School Principal